TIMEZONES 28 1-18 NOVEMBER 2013-10-30


Time Zones festival, in these years, had experimented to draw a map of music transformations with more 400 concerts, very important to understand what music is becoming.

In a very difficult year caused by the economical crysis, the challenge goes on.

Starting from the deep north sounds with rarefied atmospheres of the  Icelanders artists HILDUR GUDNADÓTTIR and JOHANN JOHANNSSON and the Norwegian ERIK HONORÈ and GRETA AAGRE to the jazz who is searching for new ways, able to get dirt with ethnic sounds and electronical beats, rap and "flashing images".

A careful glance on some Big Apple products with amazing drummers like DAFNIS PRIETO and JIM BLACK and two legendary figures like the ninety-year-old Marshall Allen, co-founder of the Sun Ra Arkestra, and the visionary saxophonist/film maker JAMES HARRAR.

Unique live sets, having at the end the natural connection with the presentation of "BAM IL JAZZ OGGI A NEW YORK", a new book by NicolA Gaeta.

In the middle of this edition, the live set of an icon of the new generation electronic music, JON HOPKINS, producer of Coldplay and last complicit of the great Brian Eno.

Finally two productions made for Time Zones by "our musicians" Jacarandà Wooden Connection by Filippo Lattanzi and the national preview of "L'attesa" by Claudia Mastrorilli. 




Time Zones Story

"Time Zones - On the way of the possible musics" is a festival that every year since 1986, gives space to composers and musicians particularly industriousin the search for new musical solutions.

Within strong personalities (inside and outside) of the music business, the festival has tried to draw a map that highlights the most innovative paths.
The festival has created its space, also international, plasing at the heart of the artistic selection the original itineraries of research in advance of the discovery that then the market have done.
It was designed in all these years of work, through hundreds of concerts, a map  that crosses over genres and styles, where are pinned important names of the international music scene, but also brilliant characters totally unrelated to the business. This courageous attitude has allowed the festival to catch a lot of artists before their commercial success, transforming it into one of its peculiarities. Artists from the multi-faceted personality, with strong aptitude for dialogue between the arts, musicians linked to the scene, to the
theater, the dance, the movie, the new art languages and very close to new formulas for that time, such as Dj-set, readings and theater of avant-garde.
In an atmosphere of "laboratory" were consumed, in the line-up of Time Zones, beautiful encounters between musicians of different styles and genres, sometime gone around the world with the brand of the festival.
New productions that, most of all communications, have contributed to the creation of a sort of mark of quality. An advanced and recognize work that led a trend towards quality and research, acknowledged by
many italian festival.

With Time Zones worked Ennio Morricone, Carmelo Bene, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Robert Fripp, Ornette Coleman, Alexander Balanescu, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Holger Czuckay, Caetano Veloso, Simon Jeff, Bill Laswell, Hector Zazou, Gotan Project, R. Sakamoto, G. Sollima, Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Nusrat Fateh, Ali Khan, Meredith Monk, Peter Gordon, Blue Gene Tiranny, Avion Travel, Michael Brook, Yas Kaz, Toshinori Hondo, Nicola Conte, Juan Carlos Caceres, Uri Caine, Bevinda, Renè Aubry, Seigen Ono, Florian Fricke, Popol Vuh, Jon Hassel, David Sylvian, Jocelyn Pook , David Darling , Mario Brunello, Paul Motion, Bill Frisell, etc.

For all these reasons, Time Zones attracted attention of national media and, with proud, of many international media (N.Y. Times, Liberation, Le Monde, Wire, O Fohlio de Sao Paulo)